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Portfolio Colombia

Welcome in our Colombia portfolio,

follow us during our quick trip in Colombia!

From the ecuadorean border, in Las Lajas, around La Cocha lagoon and in the white town of Popayan:

In the centre of the country, around Salento:

On the coast, in Minca and Carthagène des Indes :

And finally, in the surprising capital city, Bogota:

Portfolio Ecuador

Welcome in our Ecuador portfolio,

follow our steps in the smallest country of the Andes!

In the cities of the South, Loja and Cuenca :

Volunteering close to Vilcabamba, in the sacred valley:

Hiking around Quilotoa volcano:

During our first stop in Quito :

In Mindo, to discover the waterfalls trek and the butterfly farm:

Still in Mindo, to learn more about coffe and chocolate:

In la Mitad del Mundo, where Northern and Southern hemispheres meet and where the exact side and form of the Earth has been evaluated for the first time, in 1736:

And finally for our last days in Ecuador, in Quito:



Portfolio Peru

Welcome in our Peru portfolio,

follow our steps in this surprising country, craddle of plenty of civilisations!

In Arequipa, first stop in the second biggest city of the country:

Hiking in the Colca canyon, second deepest in the world:

In Cusco, attractive town and in few sites of the Sacred Valley:

During our 7 days trekking looking for the Choquequirao ruins:

Day1, from Cachora to Santa Rosa, 12 km, D+ 545 m, D- 1300 m:

Day 2, from Santa Rosa to Choququirao ruins, 7,4 km, D+ 915 m, D- 195 m (without the visit of the ruins which are hundred meters of elevation!):

Day 3, from Choquequirao ruins to Maizal, 13 km, D+ 1595 m, D- 1380 m:

Day 4, from Maizal to Yanama, 7,9 km, D+ 1040 m, D- 580 m:

Without picture, an heavy mist follow us all day long…

Day 5, from Yanama to Totora, 17 km, D+ 1050 m, D- 1215 m:

Day 6, from Totora to Playa, 25 km, D+ 330 m, D- 1510 m (without a 1h30 detour because of a pile of rubble):

Day 7, from Playa to Hydroelectrica, 11 km, D+ 700 m, D- 1000 m:

In Nazca to discover the Nazca creations (-200 à 600 after JC) and the famous Nazca lines:

In Lima, for an express visit:

Around Huaraz, for hiking again:

And finally on the coast, between Trujillo and Huanchaco :

Portfolio Chile

Welcome in our Chile portfolio,

follow our steps in this very long country with its extrems landscapes!

In Patagonia, rivers, lakes, mountains compete for beauty:

On Chiloé island, its culture well settled and its colourful fishermen villages:

In the wonderful Rio Bueno valley, the second biggest river in Chile, for our first volunteering:

Around volcanos and gigantics araucaria forests:

In the fertile Colchagua valley for our second volunteering:

In strong personality cities, Santiago and Valparaiso:

And finally, in the most arid desert of the World, around San Pedro de Atacama :

Portfolio Argentina

Welcome in our Argentina portfolio,

follow our steps in this diversified country, huge as hight times France!

From Bolivia, in arids landscapes:

Then in the beautiful Seclantas Valley for our first volunteering about natural construction:

In the Central Sierra for our second volunteering in San Marcos Sierra :

In Mendoza, argentina wine capital, for a degustation:

In Patagonia, trek paradise:

And in El Bolson, for our last argentina volunteering:

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