Welcome to the second article from the “Draw-me” serie!

This new article is dedicated to Bolivia!

Photo Carte de la Bolivie - Bolivia map pict

Bolivia map

The series “Draw me” from the Yakoilabas project, is the result of the Quinson pupils in front of the World.

You can find the information about our two series with the school of Quinson by following the links: Draw me or Tell me You.

Draw me Bolivia is the first episode of the serie in south america, and our take off has been made with the pupils support!

Bolivia generated a large number of exchanges to answer the children’s curiosity. It was necessary to visit several museums in the country and to spend several hours to do research in Quinson to realise the cultural wealth of the country.

We were able to discover some information as:

  • the national flag and its three colours: red, the country defenders’ blood, yellow, the mine and geological wealth and the green for the environmental fertility and its flora;
  • the culinary specialities: saltenas, empenadas, quinoa soup, pique macho, …;
  • the importance of feathers, their symbol of power and the objects made from them;
  • the wealth of fabrics and the difficulties to realise them;
  • the Andean beanie and its strong sign for the native culture facing the Spain crown;
  • the cities and buildings architecture, the electric cables which are not hidden as much as in France;
  • the animals of the country: lamas, vicunas, alpacas, Andean rabbits, but also dogs, cats, many birds, donkeys, or dinosaurs!…;
  • the waste recovering the country because people throw them through windows rather than in trash bin;
  • the soccer is the national sport even if there are regional traditions as Palo encevado;
  • Titicaca Lake is the highest navigable lake of the World;
  • and many others …

We compiled everything then sent to the teachers who relieved the informations to the children, the work begins! Each pupil is free to draw what pleases him best.

They were even lucky to try a homemade weaving loom, to make masks with truth feathers and to sculpt their own statuettes!

Draw me Bolivia ends here! We hope that you liked reading the article.

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