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We met the pupils and their teachers during our last visit in France, in January, 2017. A first meeting which allowed some to present the project and the journeys to follow and the others to put a whole bunch of questions.

Imagine! You have between 3 and 11 years old and someone is coming to tell you about a country almost located at the antipodes. For the children the distance is almost unbelievable! 20,000 km, it is far from home? Compare to Asia? How many planes do you have to go there? Inconceivable!

Thus we left with suitcases full of questions. Indeed, they wanted to understand how people are living over there and what are the similarities and the differences with life in France.

We have carried on the exchanges through Internet and here is a summary of some of our exchanges:

  • What animals did you see? What insects? Did you see spiders?
  • Did you enjoyed Pavlova? (New Zealand Dessert made from cream and meringue, which has the name of a Russian ballerina).
  • Does the banana tree grow in New Zealand?
  • What do vege gardens look like?
  • How do we do gardening over there?
  • How do you dress up? With Haka features or like french people ? 
  • What are the names of the inhabitants of New Zealand?
  • What are they eating? Some fishes? Some meats? Insects?
  • Are there vehicles? Trucks, cars, quads, motorcycles, bikes?
  • How do we dance Haka?

We have tried to answer all their questions and to quench their curiosity, which pulled big working sessions:

The children have even copied kiwis and their habit to often walk barefoot, in town or at school!

At the end of the year, they have shown what is New Zealand through their children’s eyes:

And finally the most terrifying, the pupils did not stop at the Haka discovery, for a few minutes Quinson’s school welcomed proud Maori warriors in its surrounding wall:


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