Quinson is a small village of 400 inhabitants located in the Southern Alps, between Sainte-Croix Lake and Esparron-sur-Verdon Lake.

46 pupils are studying in the school. There are splitting in three classes:

  • 11 in preschool
  • 17 between preschool and Year 3 (second grade)
  • 18 between Year 4 (third grade) and Year 6 (fifth grade).

In agreement with the City Council, the pupils will cultivate a vegetable garden from the school year 2017. The garden will allow the kids to know where vegetables and fruits are coming from, to learn to protect the soil and to respect the environment.

We totally agree with this great kind of initiativeand will partner up for this reason. We are going to exchange with the pupils about the countries we will cross, the cultures we will meet and, of course, about the different agriculture all around the World.