Yakoilabas kezako? Yakoilabas could be translated by Whatsthere and it was first and foremost a blog for our loved ones to follow our adventures in New Zealand. Then, through the encounters, new ideas and desires emerged. For several months, we have thought, imagined, created our new project. At the beginning it was the two of us, then discussing about it with our families, we became aware that others could be interested and thus the new Yakoilabas was born.

So what is this new project?

A trip, because we love it, but not only. Like many people, we recognize ourselves less and less in our present consumerism society where we have to work in order to create wealth for others, where the need is renewed day by day, where everything goes faster to the detriment of the little treats of life, of the Human and the Nature. We are already paying attention to what we consume; Supermarkets are avoided as much as possible, organic food and markets are favored, objects are choosen with the least packaging, and ideally in bulk. We even make our toothpaste, our laundry and our cleaning products.

We also read a lot about those people who imagine and invent a more respectful world. Like them, we want to join in and play one’s part in it. We want to volunteer in several countries (via the Helpx platform) and learn more about organic farming, permaculture, agroforestry and everything that can bring us closer to self-sufficiency (making our compost, treating waste water, producing energy, etc.). All discoveries and apprenticeships, we will share them here and later on we would like to apply them in our Home. Educational farm, alternative accommodation, exchange place, local products tasting, we have plenty of ideas for our future!

We have devised a route according to our desires while trying to limit our journeys by planes. South America, Australia, Asia, the route is drawn, but is not frozen. We leave with a one way ticket, which leaves us free to change our minds.


Concretely, in every country crossed from South America and Asia, we will do two weeks of volunteering. We will use the HelpX website, tested and approved in New Zealand, to find permaculture or agroecology farms.

In Australia, we plan to work in an organic farm, with whom we are already in contact, for 8 months to learn the basics of agriculture and hosting.

Traveling and learning a different way of life is a start, but we were not fully satisfied with our project. We also wanted to add an educational part by sharing our love of travel and our discoveries with new generations. We then made contact with Quinson’s school who is as happy as we are in this association. To learn more about this partnership, go to the tab: Quinson’s school.