Welcome in our Peru portfolio,

follow our steps in this surprising country, craddle of plenty of civilisations!

In Arequipa, first stop in the second biggest city of the country:

Hiking in the Colca canyon, second deepest in the world:

In Cusco, attractive town and in few sites of the Sacred Valley:

During our 7 days trekking looking for the Choquequirao ruins:

Day1, from Cachora to Santa Rosa, 12 km, D+ 545 m, D- 1300 m:

Day 2, from Santa Rosa to Choququirao ruins, 7,4 km, D+ 915 m, D- 195 m (without the visit of the ruins which are hundred meters of elevation!):

Day 3, from Choquequirao ruins to Maizal, 13 km, D+ 1595 m, D- 1380 m:

Day 4, from Maizal to Yanama, 7,9 km, D+ 1040 m, D- 580 m:

Without picture, an heavy mist follow us all day long…

Day 5, from Yanama to Totora, 17 km, D+ 1050 m, D- 1215 m:

Day 6, from Totora to Playa, 25 km, D+ 330 m, D- 1510 m (without a 1h30 detour because of a pile of rubble):

Day 7, from Playa to Hydroelectrica, 11 km, D+ 700 m, D- 1000 m:

In Nazca to discover the Nazca creations (-200 à 600 after JC) and the famous Nazca lines:

In Lima, for an express visit:

Around Huaraz, for hiking again:

And finally on the coast, between Trujillo and Huanchaco :