Tell me You – Ecuador (1) is the sixth article of the series ” Tell Me You “.

We interviewed Cristian, an ecuadoreanwe have met during our volunteering in Ecuador, close to Vilcabamba (to read the article about our volunteering, it’s this way). We spent two weeks with him to work on Walter and Susan’s land, to learn, to exchange and to discover each others!


The interview was realised on April 10th, 2018, 16 days after our arrival.

  • What’s your firstname ?

My first name is Cristian.


  • How old are you?

I’m 2…32.

Yakoilabas : Looks like you want to be younger (smile).

Yeah, I’d like to.


  • At what moment do we get old?

I believe that we change every ten years. Our mentality, every ten years is completely different. When you are 10 y/o, before that you’re a child and you think very different. And then you go to teenager, which is a complete different thinking, you know, you’re crazy, you want a lot of things, a lot of dreams come to your life. And then, when you get to 20, you kind of stop those things and you start thinking that your life needs something else: like studies or to make income. But still you have the energy to go to party, to find girlfriend or boyfriend, and you travel and things like that; you have a big energy. When you get to 30, life change totally, because your body makes you change; you have a different energy, less power than before. Your rise is not growing anymore, if you work too hard, your body will get hurt. You can’t play like you used to do. So I can tell you, after 30 y/o it’s a complete change in your life.

Christian’s Interview

  • What is your job? How many hours are you practicing per day?

Right now, my job is farming, and I’ve been farming mostly for my whole life, even if inbetween I did other jobs. I work mostly 8 hours a day, but you know, sometimes I can spend 1 hour in the transportation, or sometimes we are doing meetings or stuff like that, so it could be 7 hours a day too.


  • How a typical day does looks like?

It’s difficult to answer this question, because I do many different things. Like farming, I have to keep up things, maintaining every day. And for example in week-end I like painting, drawing, writing, or even playing with my friends. That’s why I’m doing right now: on Saturday, I can’t miss a game!


  • What do you want to do when you will grow up?

Before I liked to travel, to go to countries and worked really hard to save money and then come back in Ecuador, sit down and relax; but that was I thought. And then, after I went to another country, I changed my mind. I’ve started evaluating what I had, my family, my friend, my country, so when I came back here, I thought: “Wooo, I like farming and this is going to be the rest of my life”. And I started working on that farm, but crazy as I wanted to do lot of things. But about 2 years ago, I started to have problems with my back and it’s leading me somewhere else. So like I told you, my mind change completely from before. So I need to change my path. But thinking about it, of course I like farming, but also drawing, I like arts and many other things. So because life told me I can’t keep on farming, I’m looking for another path, the art dream. So what I’m working right now is helping people with disabilities and teaching them arts. So right now I’m looking at it and it looks perfect for me. Who knows, in another ten years it’s gonna be something else?


  • Why did you chose to live a more respectful life for the World?

It was part of my growing situation. Like I told you, before I was looking for money and when I came back I was looking for life and health is a very important thing for life. If you’re not healthy, money won’t cure you. That’s one part. I know a lot of cultures and a lot of religions. Before to travel I thought people with other religions were bad; and during my travel I realised that people who want to do good things are good whatever their religions. And it’s the same in this farm, because we are doing different things, biodynamic, permaculture, ancestral agriculture and it makes a lot of people coming, curious about it. So, there is a very big diversity and that’s why I liked it.

Christian’s Interview

  • What do you like from Ecuador?

I like everything! (laugh) I like…ok I like freedom, because I can go to the mountain, climb it and nobody can tell me I can’t or I have to pay for that. Or go to the river and swim. So, yeah I like freedom and here in Ecuador, we have the freedom to do whatever we want.

  • How you will draw an Ecuadorean?

I am a lover of Inca culture. You know, I’m part of it, so every time that I draw something I want to manifest what I feel about Ecuador. So I will choose to draw an Inca.


  • What is your favourite dish?

So, it’s only, choose one? I can’t eat only one thing! (thinking) I enjoy pretty much eating shrimps.


  • What is your passion?

Art and helping people. I feel happy when somebody smile and that’s my passion.


  • If you have the occasion to realise a dream, what will it be?

My dream will be having a family, having peace, a place with water where I can have a family and a farm and where I will do art and teach.

  • What a school day looks like? (schedules, uniforms, habits, etc.)

It’s really hard to say, because technology came in my area not long time ago, so everything change and now they have a really different thinking. They enjoy life in different way. I can’ really describe it…


  • Which advice would you like to share with 3 to 11 y/o children?

Try to find friends that are the same age as you, so you will discover things at the same speed and not with people older who already have discover them. It’s something important.


  • Tell us a joke please!

In a cave, there were bats. Outside, it was dark, cloudy and raining, so bats couldn’t go out to eat. So they kept waiting and waiting for the right opportunity to go out. It was so hard that they were almost dying. At some point, this bat decided to go out seeking for food, whatever the conditions. So, it get ready and just fly out. After few seconds, it came back with its mouth full of blood, and everyone get so exciting: “Wooo, you were so fast, you get so much food: you get blood everywhere! What did you do?” And the bat is like: “Ok, I tell you. You see the pole over there?” So, all the bats are looking for the pole and are: “Yeah, we can see it!” So, the bat says: “Lucky for you, I haven’t…”

Christian’s Interview

It was the interview of  Cristian in Vilcabamba in Ecuador.

To learn more about Cristian’s organisation, created to help and teach art to disabled people, go there: El Arte de Reciprocidad

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