Welcome to the Draw me serie!

But what is it? And what can we expect from it?

Coming from a sheep and on behalf of child’s school, we could expect a thick cloud of small princes and princesses traveling streets and asking people to draw our mascot, Sheepy. Fortunately for you, we are not going to release our apprentices artists on you, Sheepy would take a too disproportionate ego to see thousands, even millions of people to draw him.


To diversify the result but also make our small pupils work, we asked them to draw the countries which we will cross during our journey. The deal being the following one: when we arrive in a new country, we glean information on the ground to answer their curiosity then, once this one quenched, they offer us in return an bunch of piece of art of those that they loved and remember from the country.

To cover a wide field of information, we try to answer these following questions, established with the pupils in September, 2017 of this year :

  • What is the most popular sport?
  • What are the building materials for houses and buildings?
  • What are the animals?
  • What does the flag looks like and what does it means?
  • Who are the famous people?
  • Is there any legends ?
  • What are they eating? What are the recipes?
  • How is the agriculture made? Culture/Breading/Plants
  • What do look the landscapes like?

It is with a well filled pencilcase, some glue, round-ended scissors, paint and many other artistic tools that they will draw up a picture of each traveled country.

We hope that this series will please you as much as it motivates the imagination of the school of Quinson. You can follow us and share us on the social networks, as Facebook or  Instagram, or even to leave us a comment! Sheepy and we thank you for it!

Good reading on Yakoilabas!

Have a nice trip!