Hello readers,

the end of our trip in South America ended in by sailing (mainly). We wanted to reduce our CO2 footprint even if it means taking our time.

It took us 16 days on Up to You, a 16 meters long sailing boat, to reach the Azores from the Guadeloupe. In the end we question our CO2 emissions on boat. Yes between the provisions (cans of food, fruits, bottles of water), the gasoline for the generator or for the engine when there was no wind, it is not quite clean either. Once again the implications and the will of the travelers are making the difference whatever the mode of transport: plane, bus or boat.

In any case, we wanted to share our adventure through this short video to give you an idea of the atmosphere aboard a sailboat.

Embark with us, we are sharing you some moments of our adventure!

Good viewing!

We hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon on Yakoilabas !