Tell me You – Argentina (1) is the second article of the series ” Tell Me You “.

We interviewed a german-south-african couple, Martina and Johan we have met during our first volunteering in Argentina, close to Seclantas (to read the article about our volunteering, it’s this way). We spent a week with them to built their mud house and to talk around the fire about life, travel and natural construction!

Martina, Johan, Perla and Sheepy in front of the house


The interview was realised on November 5th, 2017, 5 days after our arrival. We decided to interview the couple at the same time to have them sharing their spontaneous answers.


  • What is your first name?

Johan (laughs): Ok! Johan.

Martina : Martina. That was very difficult, I hope it’s getting easy (laughs).


  • What is your age?

I am 40…5.

28 (smiles).


  • At what moment do we become old?

(Spontaneously) Never!

Yes, well, growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.

My body is getting old, but not my heart or my mind.


  • What is your job? How long do you practise per day?

Oh well, we don’t really have an occupation at this stage.

I’m a student. I’m studying the World and the people.

Right now, I’m a builder and a farmer. Jeez, how long do we work?

Between two and eight hours.

Someday, we do nothing, and someday, we work all day long, so it’s hard to say. We do what we want.

I’m mainly playing all day.

Yeah, we just do what we want.


  • How does one of your typical days take place?

I woke up, look at him, get scared (laughs). Nooo, I open my eyes, then I see him and my heart is full of love, then I say « coffee ».

(Everybody laugh)

And he gets up and makes coffee. We sit around, drink coffee. I do yoga.

Yeah, you yoga, I don’t, I Internet.

He does brain yoga.

Brain yoga! And then, we do whatever needs doing, building the house, welcoming visitors, gardening, or we do nothing. Some days we just decide “fucked it, let’s take the bike”, go somewhere and take a beer”. Come back and relax. There is no week-end, we don’t have week-ends, we don’t do week-ends, we do what we want.


  • What will you do when you will grow up?

(Spontaneously) We don’t grow up (laughs).

I hope I don’t grow up! I hope I’m not going to grow up.

We are already realising our dream. Twenty years ago, when I was breeding horses, that was also my dream. Ten years ago, when I travelled, it was also my dream. So, now, I just do what I most want to do. And I don’t know if I’m gonna die here or somewhere else. Maybe in ten years, we say we don’t want to live here anymore, we will sell it and do something else.

Yeah, I was grown up and I went to travel. It’s crap to grow up, because grown up sounds responsibilities and bullshit.


  • Why have you chosen a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

We have not asked Martina and Johan this question as they are not particularly into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Nous avons posé cette question à Martina et Johan, cependant ils n’ont pas vraiment choisi un mode de vie plus respectueux de l’environnement. Ils ont choisi un mode de vie non consumériste avant tout.


  • What do you like about Argentina?



Both chuckles.

It is a nice country, beautiful landscapes.

Yeah, it’s a nice place to live, nice weather. Mmmmm, Argentinians are nice people, the village people are a bit limited, but the rest of the people are quite good, we met some really nice people.

And the freedom we’ve got here.

The fact we can build a house without asking permission. If I want to paint my roof in blue or yellow, it’s my business. I do what I want.

Yeah, we bought this piece of land, and we can do here what we want, as long we don’t do any harm to anybody else of course.

Interview in their future home


  • What are the biggest clichés about Argentinian people? (What is the most representative)

The official or the unofficial? (Laughs). The Argentinians are known to be lazy. But internationally, it’s the meat, the horses, the gauchos and the culture life style.


  • And the clichés of your country (Martina is from Germany and Johan South-Africa)?

You tell us (laughs).

I don’t know, all white are racists (smiles). I don’t know any clichés about my country.

Don’t look at me!

What have you heard about south-Africans?

Cheese. South-Africa has also good meat, good barbecue.

Meat, that’s not a cliché, that’s true. Wild animals: lions, elephants,… People think they are in the street.

I always hear that we are good worker and precise, reliable, and food wise, yeah, sauerkraut and potatoes. So, that’s what come to my mind.


  • What is your favorite food/meal?

Sauerkraut and potatoes! (Laughs).

What’s my favourite dish? Pie, chips and gravy.

Oh, that’s hard question, meat, pizza, pasta salads…


  • What is your passion?

Mine, bikes!

It’s him (smiles). My passion? I was very passionate about horses, but not really anymore. I don’t know.


Yes! (Laughs)


  • If you had the opportunity to realise a dream, what would it be?

I don’t have a new dream! We just started this.

This is the new dream.


  • Yakoilabas: “Tell us about your new dream.”

To get away from that World, to get away from people.

That’s why we are opening a camping!

(Everybody laugh).

No, but travellers are good people. We want to be self-sufficient, we want to be off the radar trace, to be out off that circle: go to work, pay your debt, buy stuff you don’t need, make more debt, go back to work to pay those debts. This is what I want to get off.

With this place, we want a place where nobody can chase us away. This is our now, we have the freedom to make it what we want, to make it pretty.

Both: We still want to travel.

Live stress-free. Only deal with people we invite, cool people.

Slightly more open-minded people. Those who have been around and have seen something.


  • What does a school day look like? (schedules, uniforms, habits, etc.)

We have not asked Martina and Johan this question as they have no children, nephews or nieces who go to school in Argentina.


  • What advice would you like to share with children from 3 to 11 years old?

Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Don’t start smoking!

(Everybody laugh – Smoker, he knows what he is saying).

Between 3 and 11! Brush your teeth, you only have one set.

It’s a good advice. Look after your knees, you miss them when they are gone.

I’m good today with answers (smiles).


  • Tell us a joke please!

Can I tell you a joke not for 3 to 11 years old?

So nothing dirty?

(Everybody laugh).


  • Yakoilabas: “We can try to make it for kids.” In reality, we haven’t made them kid proof. We let you read them and advise.

What bleeds and sits in a corner? Baby playing with razor bladder.


What is first green and then red? A frog in a blender.


Both: I got a good one!


Here, some good advice for 3 to 11. This little boy is playing in a yard, and his dad says “come, I want to show you something. Climb on the roof”.

The kid “You sure?”

Dad “Yeah yeah, climb on the roof, that’s cool”.

So the little boy, climb on the roof, until his dad says: “Jump! I’ll catch you.”

The kid “Are you sure?”

Dad “Yeah, jump, I’ll catch you”.

So the little boy jump of the roof and the dad steps away and let the little boy drops on the grass. The kid “You say you gonna catch me. What is that?”.

Dad replies “Never trust a Jew even if it’s your father”.


How do you make a dog says “Miaou”? You freeze it and then you put it on a saw “Miaouuuuuu”!


That’s a pretty hard one!


How do you make a cat barks? You put petrol on it and then light it “Whoof”!

Ok…delete that (we haven’t).


Yeah, I don’t really know jokes for 3 to 11.


The day after, Martina told us a “kidproof” joke.

A guy is travelling in his car when he arrives at a river he needs to cross.  The guy sees a fisherman and asks him “Is it deep?”

The fisherman answers “Well, I don’t think so.”

So the driver starts crossing the river, the car sinks. The guy manages to escape and swims to the other side of the river. Then he yelled at the fisherman “Not deep???”

Then the fisher man replies “Well, I’ve just seen a duck and its three little babies walking through”.


It was the interview of  Martina and Johan in Seclantas in Argentina.

In front of the house

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