Tell me you – Chili is the fourth article from the « Tell me You serie ».

We have interviewed a young woman from Santiago, Coty who host us three days during our stay in Santiago thanks to CouchSurfing website. Dynamic young woman, funny, welcoming and attached to her country, we spend an awesome time in Santiago thanks to her, her boyfriend and her friends.

During the interview

The interview has been realised the 17th of February 2018.

  • What is your first name?

Constanza Munoz


  • What is your age?

My age ? 26, almost 27.


  • At what moment do we become old?

I think it can be anytime. It depends on everybody, it’s coming from the inside of everybody.


  • What is your job? How long do you practise per day?

Nurse. It makes 4 years with 12h per day, three times a week.


  • How does one of your typical days take place?

A typical day, when I need to work, I’m at the hospital almost the whole day. I don’t have much time left to do other things. When I am on break, I spend time with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend to chill and go out.


  • What will you do when you will grow up?

(She laughs) I don’t know. Honestly, as now, maybe being more independent, and evolve professionally, but, otherwise, I’ve got everything I need for now. (In Chile, most of the kid live with their parents, even after the study, until they got married).


  • Why have you chosen a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

We have not asked Laura this question as she is not particularly into an eco-friendly lifestyle.


  • What do you like about your country?

The people and the diversity of the country, it’s so beautiful!


  • What are the biggest clichés about the people in your country? (What is the most representative)

I think the people here have a lot of qualities; they are reliable, polite, and really tactile, they like feeling the contact with the others. They are all of that! I’m not finding physical marks, maybe, bread, wine and other specialties to eat, but that’s it.


  • What is your favorite food/meal?

Humintas which are typical meals here!

During the interview

  • What is your passion?

What are these questions you’re asking! (She laughs and searches). I think it’s helping people. I’m doing that at work, but not only.


  • If you had the opportunity to realise a dream, what would it be?

I think it would be given a protection at my family. To be sure, they are safe all their life.


  • What does a school day look like? (Schedules, uniforms, habits, etc.)

Here, children are going to school from 8am to 4:30pm. They have three breaks, a short one in the morning, the lunch at midday and finally, another short one in the afternoon. Main lessons are sciences and history, there are not a lot of artistic courses, arts and music are not really taught, unlike maths, sciences or language. Some children stay after school and at this time it is more artistic or sports; they can stay until 7pm. Those kids are almost all day at school. And, back at home, it’s time to do homework! Some schools have a uniform and there are publics and private schools too.


  • What advice would you like to share with children from 3 to 11 years old?

An advice? Be happy! Do what you like and enjoy your time! Make yourself a lot of friends, because you will keep them all your life. Enjoy, because, as an adult, you won’t be so free!


  • Tell us a joke please! (Two jokes are playing with spanish words and can’t be translated)

Un pez le dice al otro: “¿qué hace tu papa? “

Y el otro le contesta: “ nada y el tuyo? “

“Nada también “


¿Qué dice un jaguar a otro jaguar? “ ¿Jaguar you?”


Why does elephants are scared about computer? Because of the mouse !


It was the interview of Coty from Santiago de Chile.

Coty and her boyfriend, Marcelo, who host us in her city, Santiago

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